Friday, 28 December 2007

What I'm grateful for

Two weeks and counting down with the flu. My girl Ruthie, Angie (kitty) and I passed out at home on the bed. Here's what I'm grateful for....

  • Angie baby kitty

  • kitty purrs

  • Ruthie sleeping...quiet house

  • salmon dinner & salad with my favourite caeser dressing

  • all the art at Artamo gallery that Jack brought out for me to see this week - especially the Michael Moon' s work on paper...ohhh la la (THank God for art galleries when you're not up to much else, they are like an elixir for the soul!)

  • this flu ending (anytime pleassseee)

  • my studio 'heaven on earth'

  • Peter's phone call on xmas - gave me a big smile ear to ear

  • Netflix movies!

  • hot honey and lemon in a big ceramic mug (thanks mum!)

  • mum and dad- I miss you guys

  • Vancouver

  • Jenn WH and walks in the rain

  • unrestrained bawling after watching a sappy movie

  • re-arranging furniture

  • knowing that if I can never paint this good again I'll keep doing it and have fun in the process

  • water colour crayons

  • my journal

  • sencha green tea from Trader Jo's

  • sleep

  • "time out"

  • warm home

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