Thursday, 30 December 2010

Directed Studies Internship, for credit, Jan 2011 and Sept 2011.

Directed Studies Internship, for credit, unpaid position. Open to Langara, SFU, and UBC fine art students.

Mentorship position with Deb Chaney, Contemporary Abstract Artist.

This is the opportunity for a student to be mentored and gain work experience with a professional working artist. See what goes on behind the scenes to cultivate art collectors, submit to shows, work with sales venues, and market and facilitate workshops. Learn what it takes to make a living as a working artist!

2011 Available Positions:

Winter Semester, begins the week of January 5th

Fall Semester, begins the week of September 7th.

Location: Vancouver, BC.

Current projects students will work on during this internship include:

  • Updating/editing a workshop work book
  • Updating a client database
  • Organizing digital portfolio
  • Researching printers & obtaining an ISBN


  • Excellent written and spoken English
  • Attention to detail and follow through
  • Current student ID and sponsorship with a professor if required by your institution
  • Three local references
  • Basic working knowledge of Macintosh programs: Finder, IPhoto, Safari, Mail, Address Book, Word, Excel and Pages.

Internship Schedule & Requirements.

Students meet and work at the studio location in Vancouver once per week for the duration of the semester. Mondays 1-4 PM or Fridays 1-4 PM. Students assist with one workshop during the semester. Required reading; The E-Myth by Michael Gerber.

About Deb Chaney, SCA, Contemporary Abstract Artist –

Deb Chaney is an elected member of the Society of Canadian Artists, since 2007. She has been painting for over ten years both large and small layered mixed media abstract paintings on canvas and paper. A recent participant in Vancouver’s East End Culture Crawl, her work is also exhibited at SWITCH Boutique in Beverly Hills. Deb was recently commissioned by RainMaker Films, Inc. and her art is held by private collectors throughout the world. She is predominantly self-taught, she has enjoyed privilege of studying with several prominent Californian artists such as Ann Baldwin, Bob Burridge, and Adolfo Girala. Deb is also a published writer. She is the author of The Little Inspiration Book, Ideas to Empower Women [2000. Trafford Publishing.] and a contributing author to Sand in my Bra, Funny Women Write From the Road [2002. Traveler’s Tales Publishing]. As well as maintaining her own studio practice, she facilitates workshops & retreats, and weekly abstract painting classes at Brock House Community Center in Vancouver.


Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Goals for 2011

Every year since I started blogging It's been a tradition for me to post my annual goals. I look back at this blog during the year and see how I've done. I find it also deepens my commitment to actually making these things happen when I share them with my friends... So, good bye 2010 in which I hit about 90% of my goals, and hello 2011 where I have new and exciting goals to spur me on!

Health and fitness

  • Attend a yoga class once a week
  • Go on a long walk or hike weekly
  • Stretch regularly
  • Meditate regularly
  • Dance regularly!
  • Keep eating lots of veggies


  • Focus on peace during all interactions with family
  • Focus on fun and creating magic moments with all members of my family
  • Time in nature together

Travel and adventure

  • Santa Fe, NM for a week with myself, check out galleries, shop, have fun!
  • NY in August/September with Rojia to teach and play!
  • San Fran in June for the art show and road trip/camping with Ruthie.

Creativity….lots and lots of studio time!

  • Vitality Series
  • Continue Pure Abstraction
  • Little collage pieces
  • Journaling
  • Blind contour drawings of trees

  • Fill all my workshops and retreats for 2011! yes!!! (
  • Roundhouse Art Show in Vancouver
  • Heart show at Higher Ground Coffee House
  • Vitality show in San Fran
  • NY show – 3 to 4 large Pure Abstraction pieces
  • Completed editing and publication of 72 creativity card pack (get ISBN, find a printer)
  • Complete ‘Energizing and Experimental’ 5 day curriculum book with editing by a Pages wizard (add sections on pencils, pens, ink, collage, transfer) and make it as a print on demand book
  • Follow up on new commission request
  • Start and issue a monthly E-newsletter
  • Continue to update website
  • Take small steps towards developing, practicing, and giving a presentation about the similarities between abstract painting and life…(stay tuned)


  • Create budget and pay myself monthly
  • Know how much is coming IN every month and how much is going OUT
  • Increase sales from 2010 (How much did I make in 2010? find out)
  • Save for Santa Fe, NM trip
  • Save for camping road trip with Ruthie to rent a
  • Westfalia

If you wonder how I single parent and get so many of my goals accomplished, Please join me at the end of January for all my secrets and tricks at ...

Vision Boards & Goal Setting for 2011

Start this year off with power and clarity. Take a day to get clear on what you want to create and attract, making vision boards related to your goals for the upcoming year. Set goals in all the main areas of your life with guided visualizations. Tea and snacks included, option to order catered lunch, all materials included.

Location: VANCOUVER , BC (West Side)

Dates: Saturday January 29, 10 - 5 pm ONE DAY ONLY.


Cost: $150 Includes all materials, snacks, & tea.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Inside a workshop with Deb Chaney

I've had numerous inquiries over the last several months with questions about the workshops I offer. Emails asking about what type of art students create in class (wow! check it out!), if there are demonstrations (yes tons!), if there is lots of time to work (of course!) and so on...

My answer is best illustrated by sharing photos from inside workshops spanning August thru November 2010.

Thank you for all your interest and --- for those that take the leap, sign up and join me on the journey of creating art---- see you soon! --- workshop details at:

A Big Thank you to Lynne Oliver for photos of myself teaching.

During the course of a workshop, you will often experience and see the progression of a small painting with layering and other techniques presented. This is fun to see paintings evolve. Check out the finished painting here:

I really enjoy doing demonstrations and sharing my passion and often feel like I am doing a one woman cooking show. It can get pretty crazy sometimes!

Scrubbing away at a painting to show a technique.

I will often use my own art practice pieces in critique in class to illustrate my thought process in terms of what I am going to do next on this piece and why.

I can get very animated!

Some workshops with less people everyone gets a table and we can all really spread out which is nice.
A students works with GOLDEN liquid acrylics practicing overlapping frames design and glazing with polymer medium and paint.

I was so astounded at this piece of work that "student" Anni Hunt gave it to me! Unbelievably this was her first experience working with paint.

Working on projects... I've often had students glare at me unconsciously when I let them know they've got a few more minutes of working time before the next demonstration! They get so into their art work it's awesome!

New York City building emerging from a horizontal overlapping frames abstract piece. It was fun to see this piece develop.

one word: wow. I love the use of colour here.

This was the October 31st workshop, hence the halloween hat!

Beautiful student abstract landscape pieces!

getting started glazing, layering and trusting with the flow of art making here!

Wow, students simply blow me away with their creations!

Often, the first exercise in the workshop is a "copy cat"...students pick an abstract painting image from a magazine or book and use it as inspiration or directly copy it to get the creative juices flowing.

I encourage students to work on many pieces at a time!

Laying pieces in progress out to dry.

Another version of abstract lanscapes, no two are alike.

I often give students specific projects to learn certain techniques and concepts. Here Holly is working hard on the Patchwork assignment.

Lots of water available to keep painting and not have to stop. Go Aubrey!

Molly's in her groove. You can see the workbook next to her. We follow that for the entire "Energizing and Experimental Abstract Painting ( INTRO) class in acrylics and mixed media" so students don't have to worry about taking copious's all in the book.

I get inspired every time I teach! Love seeing what students come up with!

You will have FUN!
I always make a point of sharing my SMIGLs ritual at the end of each workshop. What were your Successes, Magic Moments, Intuitions, Gratitudes and Learnings today? Write them down!

2011 workshop schedule is now up!

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Brock House Art Class End of Year Party & Art Show

We wrapped up our nine week Experimental and Energizing Abstract Painting class in acrylics at Brock house with a wonderful party and art show at Brock House Community Center in the conservatory. All the artists brought friends and family and hung their work up on clothes pegs around the room. Cas, the cook extraordinaire, made polenta, biscotti and all sorts of other treats for us to enjoy. Fantastic turnout and a great way to end the semester! See you all next year, Deb!

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Breathing Space...hike at Point Lobos, California

I've been saving this blog post for a while... I figured after The Crawl, I'd probably be going into hiding for a while, which usually means being in nature and not much communication with the outside world and pretty much no computers, internet, facebook, twitter or phones...

So, you won't be seeing much of me unless you're signed up for my our December 11th one day Goal Planning workshop in Dunbar area of Vancouver, BC - then I'll see you then. (inquiries

Here is some outdoor inspiration we enjoyed during our October trip to California for your "breathings space" enjoyment! Pictures are from our hike at Point Lobos State Park.

We enjoyed a beautiful morning hike at Point Lobos and then finished the day off with an awesome lunch in Carmel at "Tommy's Wok" - a must eat chinese food restaurant that is unbelievably great food and excellent prices !!! - and said said hello to Greg's friends Deborah & Kerry Lee and owners of Kerry Lee Remarkable Jewelry of Carmel. Our last stop was at Winfield Gallery where we spoke with gallery owner Chris Winfield and I fell in love with encaustic artist Tracy Adams...(Made the big splurge and bought Tracy's retrospective full colour brochure "Mindful Inversions" - AWESOME!!!) (!!!)

Getting the pack organized (or something!)

We could hear sea lions barking from the shore!
Interesting red iron oxide coloured fungus growing on these trees.

Nature wins every time for best art!

Beautiful bay!

This bay is renown for whalers and even had a little museum with lots of information about whaling.

This is from inside the whaler's museum.