Sunday, 26 June 2011

Love Meditation Prayer

Love Meditation

May I be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit.

May I be safe and free from injury.

May I be free from anger, afflictions, fear, and anxiety.

May I learn to look at myself with eyes of understanding and love.

May I be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in myself.

May I learn to identify and see the sources of anger, craving, and delusion in myself.

May I know how to nourish the seeds of joy in myself an every day.

May I be able to live fresh, solid and free.

May I be free from attachment and aversion, but not be indifference.

May you be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit.

May you be safe and free from injury.

Ma you be free from anger, afflictions, fear, and anxiety.

May you learn to look at yourself with eyes of understanding and love.

May you be able to recognize and touch the seeds of joy and happiness in yourself.

May you learn to identify and see the sources of anger, craving, and delusion in yourself.

May you know how to nourish the seeds of joy in yourself every day.

May you be able to live fresh, solid, and free.

Ma you be free from attachment and aversion, but not be indifferent.

May they be peaceful, happy and light in body and spirit…

May we be peaceful, happy nd light in body and spirit...

Saturday, 25 June 2011

A Glimpse of the Uncommon Thread Show this weekend at the ARC

Here's a glimpse of the Uncommon Thread show last night at The ARC. Ruthie and I went down and enjoyed the art, some food and the wonderful community of residents and visitors .

Ruthie standing in front of the two paintings I completed for the show. Uncommon Lines I & II

30" x 48" Mixed Media & Acrylics on Canvas.

The wayyy cool bar in the back room. Totally reminded me of Star Trek! Serving Beverages of all types!

Heather Lidberg's art/installation piece is a must see 'in the flesh' - combining a background silouhette painting with small plastic war action figures the piece is a statement in itself.

Ruthie standing in front of Marie Wusner's photo installation of images she captured from graffiti in Queens, NY. This is, by far, my favourite piece of the show.

Again, another glipse of Marie's installation of graffiti photographs.

And, if you can read this. This is all about the installation. (Best to come and see live tonight or Sunday!) :)

Here I am enjoying marie's photo installation. The concept really drew me in and I really enjoyed seeing this idea she's told me about of so many photos carefully put together to re-create this scene she shot in NY. So Cool!

A great glimpse of NY graffiti "diabetic coke". What a statement.

Thomas Hughes beautiful wood work. The boxes are gorgeous.

Custom made by ARC resident Thomas Hughs. beautiful.

Painting talent, whoa! Amazing.

Lots of great great food we all enjoyed and still there will be more for Sat & Sunday!

wire sculpture.

This is the most ingenious art installation I've ever seen! It's a film and live performance created by Rena del Piece Gobbi and is a film of thread...You simply have to stop by and see it. She's knitted the reel and turned it into a movie. She'll be knitting with Jamie all weekend. Super creative.
A laptop computer shows the film created to date based on what they have knitted.

The installation from afar. So original!

Some beautiful paintings by another talented artist at the ARC.

Later on in the evening this heavy metal band not only played but also (ugh) set off the entire building fire alarm with their performance and the "smoke". We missed the music but sure heard the fire alarm until the fire men came to turn it off!

Visitors enjoying the show
Amazing metal work.


We even had a few children visitors!

Our resident glass sculpture artist - Eli - enjoying some of the other artists' work.

The show is still open this weekend - Saturday (TONIGHT) and Sunday evenings . Here are all the details: uncommon thread variety show at the ARC. Common' by.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Uncommon Thread: Group Show/Music/Open Studios at The Arc

Next weekend come and see inside The ARC, meet the artists here and join us for:

the 5th Annual Uncommon Thread Show
A 3- Day Group Art Exhibit /Music/Open Studios

When: Friday June 24 - 7 pm - 12 am, Saturday June 25th & 26th 12pm - 5 pm The Arc Gallery and Open Studios, 2011
Where: The Arc, 1701 Powell Street @ Commercial.
Details: See artworks and read about the participating artists at:

Open to the public. Bring your friends!

Questions? Need more info? Please Contact karen Moe at 604-787-1806 or

Press Release


One of Vancouver’s most creative communities
invite you to join us in this multi-disciplinary
group show and open studio event.

The Uncommon shows have been providing Vancouver
with provocative group exhibitions since 2003.

It is a great way to see some truly creative art
from our local artists.The ARC has always been a destination building during the Eastside Culture Crawl and, this year, we are raising money for Studio 101 which is the which is the Eastside Culture Crawl’s elementary school art education program.

The Uncommon Thread Show fills the 12-month gap between the Crawl events and our artists are eager to show you their new work!

Day and night gallery opening times, special events and live music
performances throughout.

Sunday, 12 June 2011

An Artist's Date in my new neighborhood - pictures

Just moved into The ARC (Artist Resource Center) a work/life studio building located in east Vancouver. There are about 100 artists living and creating here and truly this is a wonderful place to be!

Since being here for a little over a week I've had the chance to meet a number of my fellow artist/tenants and received a very warm welcome on my move in day! It's an exciting step in many ways for expanding myself and my daughter's lives in seeing what's possible, how other people live and learning a new part of the city.

As a gesture of self care after the big move I decided to take an *Artist's Date for myself - go for a walk, bring my camera, and shoot some picture of the industrial landscape which I now call home. Check it out...

* Artist's Date: scroll down to page 18 of The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron

Outside The Arc building.

Love the colours.

Lots of industry. Don't know what they are doing
but they make a lot of noise and sometimes it really stinks here!
(gotta a super duper air filter!)

Sweet little kitty cat on someone's front door step. No pets allowed at The Arc. One day I will have a studio cat. I sure miss our old cats!

Love the rust colours, metal textures and wear on this old building.
This could inspire a painting!

Same building but further back. I really liked the contrast of the metallic/rust coloured building to the yellow one on its right. So much art everywhere!

At artist builds a garden right outside his studio! Beautiful.

Good old Vancouver sky: clouds, clouds and more clouds.

Just like the colours and the shapes here.

Graffiti art how liberating!

Like the dark browns with the mint green. Colours look beautiful together.

More of this because I got enamored with the cute old white rickety building on the right.
Reminds me of the poetry/art book called "Top of my lungs" by Natalie Goldberg where she painted images of buildings with windows. Loved those paintings.

Looking through train carts to the old sugar refinery building in the background. Beautiful brick and arched windows all boarded up.

City view.
This is the area where the big tankers dock and unload their cargo. believe me, when the unloading happens you can hear it - always lots going on here with the trains coming and going. Love the colours of the crates and the glimpses of the ocean.

Our backyard.

The view from the back stairwell.

More industrial shots taken from my 7th floor window.

The view from my main window. I love it!

Docker's Diner down the road. Apparently, says my beautiful new neighbors Heather and marie, it makes a killer breakfast.