Saturday, 29 December 2007


SMIGs is back due to incredible popularity with the acronym and concept. Thank you Vicky Nathan, KMCC Coach in training for your kind words and I'm so glad, dear reader, you find value in this. Shirley Anderson, thank you for refering Vicky this way. Love to you both and all the new KMCC Coaches!

SMIGs is s a ritual I do every evening, yes, even during this dreadful flu - the gratitude part made me feel a bit better (hence the previous blog). This is a ritual about paying attention, cultivating awareness in the moment, and honoring all the big and little pieces - successes- of our daily life.

Simply, SMIGs stands for: Success, Magic Moments, Intentions, & Gratitude. The little ‘s’ at the end reminds me to keep it small , simple and to take small steps ! This exercise brings you into the now and let’s us see what we’ve done as well as honoring the beauty in the little moments of our day that are worth remembering.

here's my SMIGs for today...

Success – Walked to the accupucturist and got herbs and a treatement for this flu - self care! Got in the studio this morning while Ruthie was sleeping and worked on several paintings - divine.

Magic moments – painting (as always), making a blanket and sofa cushion fort for Ruthie, meeting a new neighbour - Shane- and talking about making a short video about art, healing, feng shui and colour. Eating homemade soup and pesto pasta with Matt at the kitchen table.

Intentions for tommorow– Do financial paperwork for business and personal, process health insurance paperwork for my daughter. Make a point of playing in the studio - use the 8x10 canvas pads! Stay warm, light exersice.

Gratitude – Matt's homemade soup, Lui, childcare this evening, more nextflix movies, Jack's email :), 4 comments on a previous blog! Jill Badonsky's work to support creativity.

You could make this SMIGs ritual simpler and write just one thing for each section. I'm comfy with is so I tend to write a lot. But if I am presenting the idea to a creativity student I would suggest keeping things small, like a small success could be that I put out my paints, paper and brushes (a nice small step towards painting) and magic could be looking at a piece of art online that I admire and that motivates me to paint, and intentions could be that I'm going to get the brushes wet and put a small dot of paint on that paper, and gratitude could be that I'm thankful to have the resources, time, support and physical abilityi to even consider doing this creative task ahead of me.

Best, Deb

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Vicki Kramer Nathan said...

Deb - I feel as though we're sitting together over tea. Thank you for that clear description of the SMIGs ritual. I view it as the perfect gift for entering the New Year not only for me, but for clients, friends,and family. I wish for you all that you already have and all that you wish for yourself in 2008.