Monday, 31 December 2007

Deb’s 2008 Goals...Daily love, Play, & Self Care

Spiritual/Personal Growth
- connect with God daily through sitting meditation b/f and a/f sleep (5 count bubble meditation)
- Listen and do the Tony Robbins Personal Power Tapes
- Listen and do the Tony Robbins Power of Influence
- Listen to the aura color Pamela Oslie videos
- Finishing listening to the E-Myth
- ?Course in Miracles, Marianne Williamson
- ?The Julia Cameron Course with the dragon on the cover in my studio
- Thought awareness – practice equanimity, even when it’s hard
- Work on being positive and happy by choice
- Inquire about doing Tthe Blessing in Fiji with Matt and Ruth
- Esalen personal retreat – hiking/art/ compassionate communication class – ask Mum to come and watch Ruth

Health and Vitality
- weekly hike, swim, yoga, jog (wth Shan), pilates
- join a martial arts club class to really push myself – create some habits! (I joined a club today, can't wait to start training again!)

Marriage and Romance
- Read David Deida Books on love and Sex
- Plan an overnight for just the two of us each month
- Learn to communicate in a more compassionate and loving way to have my needs met and nurture Matt
- Possibly do Raiki class together with Peggy
- Inquire about a sexual intimacy workshop to take together.

Career (I get to CREAte ARt for a job!!!)
- Paint daily.
- Paint a Body of work: Pure Abstraction 20-40 large pieces on canvas
- Daily play in studio – essential – have something setup for pure fun with no product in mind. – practice pieces.
- Complete marketing plan and submit by Jan 15th
- Complete Attracting Perfect Customers 4 parts and add to marketing plan,

- finalize Vision & Mission
- Artist Statement
- Artist Bio
- New CMS website – submit contract, work with team, get it up and running
- Blog articles weekly (use to submit to mags/newspaper/other ex. Toastmaster publication)
- Once art work, brochure, and application are ready, Apply to 5 galleries listed in journal

- Keep working with Kelly to support each other in business as artsits
- Teach a volunteer class monthly for a local non profit
- Guerilla Buz School
- Weekly Toastmasters meetings
- Learn about hosting teleseminars
- Learn about recording teleseminars into podcasts

Tech Goals
- Back up all current files, Get idrive working, Start using Act for email, Get for email working

- Call M&D regularly on skype
- Compassion with Ruth, and patience (realize this will pass if it’s difficult)
- Plan one fun craft activity with Ruthie each week that we do together (get a book or ask for Shan M’s help with this) (this can include baking and stuff in the kitchen)
- Plan one fun outdoor outing with Ruthie each week ( bike in Goleta, picnic, SB Uni hills, pic nic up Rat canyon, waterfall near Solvang, others)
- Listening and supporting Matt – house clean & tidy, massages, dry cleaning and laundry, dinners (plan each week)
- trip to Van in new year with Ruth
- look into Waldorf School for Ruthie

Friends/Girlfriend connections
- connect with Sara (Macs mum) – possible friendship
- deepen friendship with Meg H.
- visit and walk with Jen WH in Van, touch base each Q
- explore the Seachelt area with Shan M., hike with K & S in Van, as well as the fiber festival (when is it?)
- get in touch with Heather V.
- do new years cards to everyone on my list I’d like to re-connect with including relatives (see journal)
- hike with Lisa while she’s still here in SB
- See Tanya Gee again in Van

Wealth and Prosperity
- Continue to learn how can we become better investors
- Continue to manage QK, personal and Deb Art finances weekly (Monday is Money Management Day)

- Hike portion of Pacific Crest Trail in California (Ask Shan McL if she’d be interested in doing this with me)
- Hike near/around/Sierra Nevada Mountains
- Hike near/around/on Mt. Shasta area
- Do an overnight backpacking trip
- Look into Sierra Club of Santa Barbara
- Do regularly weekly day hikes
- Family trips: 1. Santa Fe, NM – with intention to check out art galleries. 2. Drive up to Oregon - van camping with beach fires, beach exploration, hiking, walks, family time.


Art Never Sleeps said...

Hi, Deb. My gosh you've got alot planned for 2008! Whew! Made me tired just reading it. I love your energy and enthusiasm.

Here's an idea...bottle up some of that energy and sell it online! You could become rich!

Did you do a similar list last year? Did you accomplish everything on the list?

I always heard that it's best to break goals such as yours into small, doable steps. So instead of "listen to Tony Robbins tapes", it's better to say "listen to 1 Tony Robbins tape a month" or something like that. And putting a date on each helps too. "Visit Santa Fe galleries by end August" might be a good plan. Otherwsie everything can slip and get unmanagable.

Here's looking at ya, kiddo.

Art Never Sleeps said...

One tip about Santa Fe....

Their off season is right now. Winter. Hence, they have down time to talk. Their peak season is over the summer. So they are busier and less likely to want to talk with you.

Also, I went there on a Friday. Big mistake. That's the day they have opening receptions and they get super busy and just a little crabby!


Art Never Sleeps said...

Here's a suggestion for your new website...when you get to that point, send me the link to the beta/test version (or send screen captures) and I will be happy to critque it for you. I'm pretty good at that seeing I've designed more than a few award-winning designs since 1995.

Have fun.


Art Never Sleeps said...

I'm almost ashamed to say I have only 1 art related goal for 2008.

And I might be working with an artist consultant (no, not Alyson). We exchanged several emails recently and when I mentioned my 1 single goal ( and that goal is... to be rich and famous by the end of 2008 {wink} ) she responded that I was pathetic and she would recommend I revise my goal to be that I will be rich and famous by February.

You gotta love her attitude!


Deb Chaney said...

Jm - YOu are a crack up! I do hope you are rich and famous by Feb...I would be glad to know you.
Thank you - I will take up your offer for reviewing the new website. I'm finishing writing my 2008 marketing plan right now and will be sending off the new website contract after I send this doc off to Alyson.
Much love and laughs.
keep being your crazy self, just love it. Deb

Fras said...

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Art Never Sleeps said...


What's up (or down?) with your web site? If Tony Robbins can't help with that I can. wink. Just PM me.

We can't have the world's greatest artist blogger without a website, now can we?

John Michael

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