Tuesday, 10 March 2009

What do you most want to know about living the artists life?

OK, it's your turn....please tell me what you most want to know about my life as a professional artist. I want to share as much as I can that will inspire your life, support you, motivate you and contribute to your life masterpiece however you 'paint' it.

What would you like to learn or hear about from this blog?

Do you want to know more about products, processes, techniques?
About my work habits? What I do when I'm not painting?
About handling business of being an artist?
About parenting a 5 year old  and making time for my work?
About what inspires me and why I do this?
More photos of new art work? More photos of the studio, art works in process?
Other artist I love and admire? Teachers I've studied with and loved?

Dear reader, I thank you for subscribing, reading, following my journey. Knowing you're there keeps me going when I'm on a low. Please let me know how I can return the favor. Please write specifically below in the comments section on what you'd like to hear about from me that will add value to your life. Or, if you'd like to remain private, please email me at debchaney@live.com ---Thank you so much! Deb


Alexandrina said...


I would like to know how you manage your art time with a child. It seems to me that it requires a serious discipline to handle both, please share some experience. I am a pastel artist and about to have a child soon, so I would appreciate some thoughts on the topic.


Deb Chaney said...

Great question....how old is your child?
My little girl is 5, so I can only speak from experience of a child 5 and under. I will write a blog about this....Stay tuned. Deb
Thank you for your comment!